Lakewood is a city in Pierce County, Washington. Nearly 60,000 people live in Lakewood, which is located near the cities of Tacoma, Steilacoom, and Spanaway. The city is approximately 19 miles in total area. Lakewood is aptly named for its numerous lakes, including American Lake, Gravelly Lake, Lake Steilacoom, Lake Louise, and Waughop Lake. Chambers Creek and several other smaller waterways flow through Lakewood before converging with the Puget Sound.

A Brief History

It wasn’t until 1996 that Lakewood was incorporated as its own city. Prior to incorporation, it was considered part of Tacoma or the Lakes District. It is now the second-largest city in Pierce County. The city first formed an organized police department in 2004, which has significantly reduced crime in the area and eased the strain on the city of Tacoma’s police force.

Things to Do in Lakewood

During the summer, American Lake and Gravelly Lake are bustling with recreational activity. Boating, tubing, water skiing, and wakeboarding are all popular activities that can be observed. Lakewood is also the site of the Lakewood Towne Center Mall, full of mainstream and boutique stores and a movie theater. History buffs can visit the Fort Steilacoom, founded in 1849.

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