Pierce County Law Firm Serving Landlords Evicting Tenants for Non-Payment of Rent

There is simply no acceptable reason for tenants to skip out on paying rent. Property managers and landlords make a living by maintaining properties they own and rely upon the monthly rent checks to effectively do so. Failure to collect rent hurts your business’ bottom line and hinders your ability to properly manage your property. 253 Evictions is a law firm that focuses solely on helping landlords protect their interests and evict non-paying tenants.

Step 1: The 3-Day Notice to Pay Rent or Vacate

If a tenant fails to pay rent by the due date outlined in the lease, the first step in the eviction process is to serve them a 3-Day Notice to Pay Rent or Vacate. If they pay their entire rent within the three days, the eviction process must stop. The total owed to you may also include a late-payment penalty or fee. The tenant must pay this within the three days as well.

Step 2: Filing an Eviction Lawsuit

If the tenant still doesn’t pay rent after three days, we will file an eviction lawsuit in court. The tenant will then be given seven days to respond to the lawsuit or forfeit their right to oppose the eviction. If the tenant requests a hearing to oppose their eviction, the court will schedule a date for the both of you to appear in court to argue your sides. Judges rule in favor of the landlord in the majority of these cases unless the landlord is in breach of the rental contract.

Step 3: Enforcing the Ruling

Once the eviction has been granted, a local sheriff will serve the tenant a writ of restitution that gives them 72 hours to vacate the unit. This notification is usually nailed to their door. If the tenant has not vacated the premises after 72 hours, you may call the police and request that they come facilitate the removal of the delinquent tenant.

Why You Need an Eviction Attorney

The fastest and easiest way to evict a non-paying tenant is to turn the matter over to your trusted attorney. We have processed countless eviction cases and know the system like the back of our hand. We handle all of the necessary paperwork for you and provide formidable representation if we need to appear in court with you. You focus on running your business, we’ll concentrate on the legal particulars of eviction.

253 Evictions represents Pierce County landlords who need help evicting tenants for non-payment of rent. Contact our firm today at (253) 759-6853 to initiate the eviction process for just $253.