Experienced Tacoma & Pierce County Attorney Offering Protection for Landlords During the Eviction Process

So, the time has come for you to evict a tenant. By now, the relationship with this tenant is most likely strained or even somewhat hostile. Since people in tense situations may act angrily, irrationally, or even violently, landlords need to take precautions to keep themselves safe during this emotionally-charged process. Below are three helpful tips for protecting your safety.

1. Avoid Direct Confrontation

Tenants tend to become highly emotional during the eviction process. If you are face-to-face with them, they may scream, cry, or insult you, which can be uncomfortable or even dangerous. Instead, communicate in writing. This will allow you to avoid direct interaction and it will encourage your tenants to be more civil. Also, since you eventually may end up in court, your clear and professional written communication will be useful.

2. Remain Unemotional Yet Respectful

Remember that eviction is simply a part of doing business. If a tenant raises his voice at you or leaves an insulting note, resist the impulse to retaliate. Remove yourself from an emotionally-charged face-to-face interaction if it arises by calmly reminding the tenant that all communications should be in writing. Keep your words and tone professional and respectful in all of your communications. Although you may be tempted to respond with aggressive or insulting language, remember that this could get you sued. Always remain calm, polite, and professional, and let your written communication do the talking for you.

3. Make Sure You are Gone When the Tenant Moves Out

Unless your tenant leaves voluntarily, the last step in the eviction process is having the tenant removed. Typically, a court-appointed bailiff or sheriff will take care of this step. Tenants in the process of eviction are usually humiliated and dismayed, so it is best if you are not present to add to their feelings of disgrace. Worse, they may even lash out at you or turn violent if they see you watching them. Protect yourself by leaving this step to the officials.

The Bottom Line

While eviction can be an emotional process for tenants, remember that, as the landlord, this is merely part of doing business. Contact 253 Evictions today to learn more about protecting your rights as a landlord.

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